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Santa Cruz County Trial Lawyers Association gives members exclusive access to services designed to provide local trial lawyers with the support they need to enhance their practice.

Online Discussion Group

SCCTLA invites members to join SCCTLA’s online discussion group geared at keeping local trial lawyers connected and informed. Share networking and volunteer opportunities. Get recommendations about experts, litigation strategies and local practice. Find out who is in trial or doing an evidentiary hearing so that you can watch or follow up later to brainstorm strategies or share results.

Trial Results

SCCTLA tracks local trial results to provide members with regular updates. Hear from the trial attorneys involved in local trials about their experiences and learn how they fared.

Civility & Decorum Committee

When Santa Cruz County Trial Lawyers Association first began over 30 years ago, members realized that there was often a disconnect between the way attorneys and judges interact with each other in the community versus their demeanor and behavior in the courtroom.  The Committee was born out of the idea that these issues can often be resolved in a way that benefits everyone. The Committee is made up a select group of trial attorneys from various practice areas who are experienced with trial work and familiar with local attorneys, judges and practices.  The Committee meets as a needed to review members’ confidential submissions and come up with solutions. 

Litigation Trends

Litigation is dynamic. Santa Cruz County Trial Lawyers Association tracks changes in local practice and statewide trends and shares relevant information with members through an online discussion group, MCLEs and professional networking. Staying on top of changing practices is especially important now, as courtrooms across the state transition from in-person litigation to video conferencing and a pandemic and natural disasters impact individuals, corporations and industries in unprecedented ways. SCCTLA members benefit from up-to-date information about litigation trends that are important to local trial lawyers.

Community Outreach

For over 30 years, SCCTLA has served our community with programs designed to support educators, students and aspiring litigators, such as high school Mock Trial and 5th Grade Cookie Court. Our members continue to spearhead these signature programs. But our community outreach does not end there. Now more than ever, our members lean in to support each other and our larger community as we face the challenges brought on by a pandemic, natural disasters and evolving practices. SCCTLA is committed to expanding our community involvement to include a variety of wellness, social and volunteer opportunities relevant to our members. We welcome your contributions and participation as we support each other through these unprecedented times.

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