Community Outreach

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Creating and nurturing a community of local trial lawyers has been a core part of Santa Cruz County Trial Lawyers Association’s mission for over 30 years. SCCTLA has a sub-committee dedicated to seeking out and creating opportunities for our members to remain engaged in our legal community, as well as the larger community as a whole. We are currently working on ways to support the high school Mock Trial and 5th Grade Cookie Court programs in a time when much, if not all, of our educational programming will be online for the indefinite future. Just as we as litigators have had to re-imagine ourselves in our new virtual courtrooms, these programs must also be re-imagined. SCCTLA is committed to this process.

Our community outreach goes beyond Mock Trial and Cookie Court. Over the past several decades, SCCTLA’s community outreach has shifted with the evolving needs and interests of our members. As we together face a pandemic and natural disasters such as the CZU Lightning Complex Fire of Fall 2020 that threatened and displaced our members and their friends and family, SCCTLA is actively looking for new ways to engage and assist our members in these unprecedented times. We welcome your ideas, involvement and support.

If you would like to be involved in any aspect of our community outreach efforts or if you have ideas about how we can support you and other members in the coming months, reach out to us at

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